Jeopardy! start date with Stephen Fry on ITV confirmed

Stephen Fry is to host a new game show reboot of Jeopardy! on ITV.


The iconic game show will return as part of ITV’s week-day schedule with the channel hoping it “will provide nostalgia for fans of the format, while introducing the family-friendly quiz show to a brand new audience.”

Jeopardy! first made its debut in the US in 1980s and continues to air, making it one of the longest-running TV shows in history.

When is Jeopardy! on TV?

Jeopardy! will start on TV on Monday, 1 January 2024 at 5:45PM on ITV1 and ITVX. Episodes will continue Monday – Fridays.

The series is on for four weeks, with twenty episodes in total.

ITV have said their reboot will see Stephen Fry “bring a modern twist to the cult classic.”

In the revamped twenty-episode series, contestants will put their general knowledge to the test in hopes of winning successive rounds and accumulating prizes.


This updated version of the show introduces an additional round beyond the original format, raising the stakes and intensifying the competition for participants aiming to stay in the game until the final round.

You can find out about applying to be on Jeopardy! UK here.

Stephen Fry hosting on Jeopardy!

‘It feels right’

Speaking about bringing the game show back to US audiences, Stephen Fry said: “‘It feels right’ is probably the best I can suggest. The British addiction to quizzing is on a par with our addiction to ‘whodunnits’, to great detective series. Our delight in quizzing is greater now than it’s ever been.

“There are so many pub quizzes and quizzing leagues around Britain and so many professional quizzers. We enjoy shows that don’t shy away from fairly tough questions and areas of knowledge. We love to watch people who are good at something.”


Discussing the series, Fry continued: “The only real difference is that the UK version is a little longer with an extra round. The signature Jeopardy! oddity of the questions being answers and the responses having to be given in the form of questions remains the same.

“It’s amazing how the contestants manage this, almost no slip-ups at all. I was fairly insistent from the outset that we shouldn’t compromise on the standard or dicker about with the rules and procedures which are time-honoured and proven. Fortunately, ITV and Whisper, the production company behind the series, were in complete agreement.”