Snackmasters 2021 episodes, chefs and challenges as Channel 4 show returns

Snackmasters 2021 epiosdes and when to watch on TV and online

Fred Sirieix is back with new episodes of Snackmasters for 2021 on Channel 4.

The Renowned Maitre D’, known for his appearances on First Dates and First Dates Hotel, is once more setting some of the country’s top chefs an extraordinary challenge

In each episode of the show, two chefs will battle it out to see who can create the most perfect replica of one iconic snack. Past episodes have featured everything from Quavers to Domino’s Pizza.

On completing their masterpieces, the chefs will bring their replicas to the original company that produced them, to be judged by the assembly-line workers and bosses behind the real thing.

Snackmasters airs Tuesdays on Channel 4.

Snackmasters 2021 episodes

Episode 1 – 6 April – KFC
In this episode two chefs tackle not only the top-selling Zinger Burger, but also attempt something that’s never been achieved before: replicating the top-secret recipe for KFC’s legendary original chicken recipe.

Fine dining firebrand Tom Aikens, from Muse in Belgravia, the youngest ever chef to receive two Michelin stars, and cocky upstart Alex Bond, from Nottingham’s acclaimed Alchemilla, have just seven days to perfect their recipes, before cooking them head to head for KFC’s big bosses, who will choose a winner.

As the chefs take different but equally outlandish approaches in their quests for a perfect replica, comedian Jayde Adams goes behind the scenes of KFC’s factories to reveal how the famous products are really made.


Episode 2 – 13 April – Wagon Wheel
Two leading chefs the extraordinary challenge of replicating legendary chocolate snack the Wagon Wheel. The chocolate, biscuit and mallow in these famously oversized treats sound simple. But the secret techniques behind how they’re made prove tricky to crack for chefs Tristan Welch and Cyrus Todiwala.

Both chefs need to draw on their decades of fine dining experience as they attempt to replicate the Wagon Wheel’s precise mallow texture, crumbly biscuit, and a chocolate coating which mysteriously doesn’t melt in the hands. After seven days, the chefs cook their replicas head-to-head for a panel of Wagon Wheels bosses.

As the chefs grapple with their recipes, Jayde Adams is given a guided tour of the Wagon Wheels factory to reveal how they’re really made.


Episode 3 – 20 April – Shreddies
This episode sees the challenge of replicating a British breakfast icon: a bowl of Shreddies.

Daniel Clifford and Claude Bosi both hold two Michelin stars, but have previously tried and failed to win a Snackmasters trophy, so this especially difficult challenge is also a chance to earn redemption. And as the rivals have known each other for years, they’re all too happy to offer each other a special form of encouragement when they reach breaking point.

Both chefs have three weeks to create a Shreddies recipe and replicate the secret factory processes that give Shreddies their famous lattice pattern and layered structure. In the end, Fred hosts a cook-off where the factory judges will pick a winner, with a shock result. And as the chefs desperately try to guess how Shreddies are made, Jayde Adams goes behind the scenes at the factory to learn the astonishing truth.


Episode 4 – 27 April – Snickers
Fred Sirieix sets two fine dining chefs the extraordinary challenge of creating a perfect replica of the mighty Snickers bar. The combination of chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat may sound simple, but the challenge is enough to drive two of Britain’s hottest kitchen talents to distraction.

Tom Brown is one of the finest seafood chefs in Britain, who recently moved from his native Cornwall to open his own restaurant Cornerstone in London’s hip Hackney Wick, while Sabrina Gidda is a force to be reckoned with, running the kitchen at the exclusive all-female member’s club AllBright in Mayfair.

After weeks of trials and tribulations, the young rivals cook their replicas from scratch for the factory bigwigs, who will choose the winner. And comedian Jayde Adams is shown around the Snickers factory by the workers to find out what the chefs are doing right… and wrong.


Snackmasters airs Tuesday nights on Channel 4 and All 4.

Past episodes of Snackmasters is available to watch online on All4 here.