Simon Cowell ‘set to launch CGI monkey boy band with a musical film’

Simon Cowell is reportedly planning to launch an ambitious new project.


The music mogul is set to reveal a brand new boy band, made up of four CGI primates.

The Monkeys, it’s said, will be an animated music group based on the likes of real life bands Take That, One Direction and The Beatles.

They’re set to make their debut in a musical film, which is apparently being written by Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams.

A source told The Sun newspaper it was “the most bizarre entertainment project of the decade.”

They explained: “Simon wants to create the next big thing in music and he thinks a band of monkeys based on mega boybands like 1D could be the answer. It’s his passion project and it helps that he won’t have to deal with the egos of human popstars.

“The Monkeys will be a group made up of four Brits who have had major success in America like The Beatles in the 60s.”


The tabloid reports that the group will be led by vocalist Hart, a chimp apparently based on Harry Styles, together with an orangutan guitarist, a spider monkey bass player and a drummer called Wilfred.

The source claimed that Simon hoped the film would have a “flavour” of his favourite movie, The Jungle Book.

“But he’s also very motivated by the huge financial success of Disney which shows just how successful musical film franchises can be,” the insider added. “Movies are one of the best way to sell albums, which is still a huge priority for Simon.”

Alongside the animated monkeys, a whole host of celebs are expected to make cameos in the film.


Together with Simon himself, Katy Perry is rumoured to be involved.

It’s sure to be something to watch out for…