Simon Cowell says potential X Factor return would ‘go back to basics’


Simon Cowell has said that The X Factor would go ‘back to basics’ if it returns to TV.

The X Factor last aired three years ago now with a pair of special series – a Celebrity version and ‘battle of the bands’ spin-off.

The show has been off-air since after Simon decided to rest the format.

In a new interview ahead of the return of sister show Britain’s Got Talent, Simon spoke about The X Factor’s potential comeback.

He told The Sun newspaper: “It’s a tricky one but there are hundreds of people who still want to be pop stars. We’d have to go back to basics.

“The other thing we did with the show was to keep tinkering with it, adding new formats. When we first started the show it was very simple with unique elements. I’d argue you can’t make a better music show than that.”

Simon also suggested he’d avoid hiring popstars as judges, saying he wasn’t sure “artists should be judging other artists”.

Simon didn’t reveal any details on when we could potentially see a new series, adding: “I have an expression though — if you’re going to go to a party, have an invitation. You want to feel people are excited at the thought of The X Factor returning.”

Last year ITV said it had “no current plans” for a new series of the singing competition.

But Simon has said there’s “no question” of the show returning at some point.

He said: “It was – and is – a brilliant show. And there’s no question it will return.”

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Simon said he hoped The X Factor’s comeback would prove a “big event”.

He added: “I think we did the right thing in resting it, as it was a huge show to produce and I think people were tired.”

“When it comes back – and it will – it will hopefully be a big event”.

For now, Simon returns to the panel of Britain’s Got Talent which starts its new series on Saturday night.

The music mogul reunites with Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden while Ant & Dec are back to host.