Simon Cowell reveals the reason behind X Factor’s new shake up


Simon Cowell has explained his reasons for giving The X Factor another big shake up.

This year will see an X Factor All Stars series together with a ‘Celebrity’ spin-off.

Simon previously revealed his ambitions for The X Factor to air two separate shows back to back this autumn, one seeing celebrities compete and the other featuring a line up of past contestants.

Now Simon has revealed the reasons behind the big change, saying that he wanted to put the focus back on the contestants.

Remarking on the “millions and millions of pounds” spent on signing judges in past series, Simon told The Sun: “I am going to be really honest with you – and this is no ­disrespect to Robbie or anyone else who has been on the panel – my focus this year is mainly about the people who are coming on the show to compete.

“I’m probably talking myself out of a job here, but I think there has been so much emphasis on the judges.

“We’ve lost sight of the contestants.”

He continued: “It got crazy, I never thought this would happen 20 years ago, when I started this show, that we would be talking more about the judges than the contestants, it’s complete nonsense.”

Of course, the show will still need some judges and it’s been claimed the panel may be made up of an ‘All Star’ line up of judges from past series joining Simon.

Following the news that Ayda and Robbie Williams had both left the show, it’s been rumoured that the likes of Cheryl, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and even Dannii Minogue could be on their way back.

According to The Sun, the judging panel could be cut to three – but will be different for the two planned series.

An insider suggested that Louis Tomlinson was unlikely to be a part of either, but could return next year.

Simon said: “What [Louis] has gone through, you don’t even think about work, you just think about how you’re going to be there for him as his friend.”

The X Factor airs on ITV.

The series typically launches in September.