Shipwrecked 2019 host Vick Hope brushes off Love Island comparisons

Narrator teases possibilities for E4 show's new post-watershed slot

Shipwrecked 2019 narrator Vick Hope has insisted it offers more than Love Island – although she says viewers may end up seeing “some nipples”.

The reality show has returned on E4 after seven years away, with bosses reviving its ‘Battle of the Islands’ format.

Contestants split in to two rival tribes living on separate islands, with fresh faces arriving throughout the series.

After spending time on both islands, newbies decide which tribe they want to join. The biggest tribe at the end of the series shares the £50,000 grand prize.

While Shipwrecked first aired in 1999, years before Love Island was created, its sudden resurrection after the ITV2 hit’s ratings success has led to comparisons between the two.

However, Vick Hope, Shipwrecked’s new frontwoman, is keen to point out that it’s about far more than coupling up.

“Shipwrecked is all about finding your tribe and your identity,” the Strictly star told Radio Times at a pre-launch press event.

“It’s something I think about a lot and I think lots of young people can identify with.

“It’s about bonds between people, regardless whether they want to have sex with each other or not because they have to live together and make a home.”

Nonetheless, given that the contenders are all young and glamorous, romance is a high possibility.

Now the show is airing on primetime E4, rather than Sunday afternoon T4, there could be raunchy scenes in store.

“Obviously there’s similarities to Love Island,” Hope commented. “They’re all beautiful and they’re all in this beautiful location in the sun.

“When you look like that and you’re wearing very little clothing, of course there’s going to be relationships.

“The original was on during the day so it was hangover TV and now it’s post-9pm… so you might see some nipples!”

E4 has heavily promoted Shipwrecked’s comeback, with the new series airing every weeknight at 9pm for the next three weeks.