Secrets of the Love Island 2019 cast revealed in first challenge

The Love Island 2019 contestants find themselves exposed in tonight’s first challenge.

It’s Day 2 of the new series and the Islanders are still getting to know one another.

In tonight’s episode, things are helped along by a game that reveals the hidden secrets of this year’s cast.

As the Islanders soak up the sun and relax in the villa, Michael Griffiths receives a text “Islanders. It’s time to reveal each other’s juiciest secrets in today’s challenge, ‘Slide into the DM’s’ #PuckerUp #SlipItIn #KissAndTell”

The girls and boys battle it out in today’s challenge and first up are the boys. Each boy has to grease up and slide down into a pool of slime and recover a secret about one of the girls.

Group challenge
Group challenge
Michael in the challenge.
Michael in the challenge.

The boy then has to decide who the secret is about. Once he has made the decision, the boy must then plant a kiss on the girl.

Joe Garratt seems certain that one secret refers to Lucie Donlan and the pair share their first kiss. Was he sure it was Lucie’s secret or is he trying to certify their relationship as new boy Tommy watches on?


Then, it’s the girls turn to get wet and wild and plunge into the slime. During the challenge, Lucie and Joe aren’t the only couple caught kissing as Anna and Sherif share a smooch.

Shortly after the task, Tommy Fury explains to the boys how he is often judged on his last name and his job as a boxer. He also makes an unexpected confession about one of his favourite TV programmes.

He says “It’s mad because everyone judges me on my last name as being a d***head but I am anything but that. I love Hannah Montana for God’s sake! There isn’t one bad bone in my body.”

Similarly, he says to the girls “A lot of people have presumptions of me due to my last name and who I am related to. A lot of people second guess me.

“I want to make it really clear that I’m not after any quick mess around or just here to make the time up. I am after romance and I want a good connection.”

Lucie and Joe kiss.
Lucie and Joe kiss.
Sherif and Anna kiss.
Sherif and Anna kiss.

Regardless, Joe still appears apprehensive about the boxer’s arrival and how it might threaten his romance with Lucie. He says “We’re going to have to see how it goes and who the boys choose.”

At the end of tonight’s episode, new boys Tommy and Curtis Pritchard must choose who to couple up with.

They’ve free pick of any Islanders, even those already coupled up.

With seven guys and five girls, two lads will ultimately end up single and at risk of being eliminated from the villa.

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.