Scam Interceptors returns for new episodes on BBC One and iPlayer

Scam Interceptors will be back for new episodes this month.


Hosted by Rav Wilding and Nick Stapleton, this BAFTA-nominated series tackles the growing menace of scam emails, texts, and calls that plague the UK.

Operating from their Scam Interceptors headquarters in Glasgow, the team deploys intricate undercover strategies to thwart scammers and prevent unsuspecting victims from parting with their hard-earned money.

Three people sat in a darkened room surrounded by computers and tech
L-R: Investigative journalist, Nick Stapleton, ethical hacker Jim Browning and Rav Wilding

The ever-resourceful Jim Browning, a YouTube sensation with exceptional tech skills, hacks into scam centres in real-time, allowing the team to intercept scams before they materialize.

Scam Interceptors will air weekdays at 10AM on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 23 October, with all 10 episodes dropping on iPlayer on the same day.

This BBC One Daytime series also continues its mission to unmask the identities of the individuals behind large-scale scams. Once exposed, the show confronts some of the most egregious cyber-criminals, compelling them to confront the crimes they’ve committed as they are held accountable by the team.

Furthermore, Scam Interceptors delves into the personal stories of those directly affected by these scams, serving as a poignant reminder of their repercussions amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis that places added strain on people’s financial well-being.

Presenter Rav Wilding said: “It’s fantastic to be back carrying out this work. With increased pressure on people’s finances, this latest instalment of Scam Interceptors comes at exactly the right time.

“We continue to hold high-profile call centre criminals to account and shed light on the impact of these industrial-scale scams on vulnerable victims.”


A further series has been confirmed to air in 2024.

Meanwhile you can watch past episodes online now via

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