SAS: Who Dares Wins results: Which contestants made it to the end?

SAS: Who Dares Wins 2021: Who won?

SAS: Who Dares Wins came to a dramatic end tonight as seven recruits fought to the finish.

This evening (Sunday, 13 June) revealed who had got what it takes to pass this condensed version of SAS selection.

In the last 48 hours, the remaining seven recruits – Adam, Connor, DJ, Justine, Kieran, Sean and Tyler – headed into the most psychologically demanding of all the phases: interrogation.

They found themselves hooded, exposed to endless white noise and facing brutal tactical questioning from a specialist team of interrogators who employed never-before-seen methods in a bid to break the remaining few.

sas who dares wins final 4

sas who dares wins final 2

The punishing conditions and continued mental pressure proved too much for some, and not all of them will made it through to the final stage of the selection process.

For those that did make it there was a big shock in store as they their plight is far from over, with a brutal sickener awaiting them on Dun Caan, the highest peak on the island.

SAS: Who Dares Wins results

At the end of the process just two contestants were left standing and passing the course: Recruit 16, Connor and Recruit 10, Kieran.

Connor (Left) and Kieran (Right) were the last two contestants standing
Connor (Left) and Kieran (Right) were the last two contestants standing

Ahead of the final, the remaining seven recruits shared their mix of excitement and nerves of making it so far.

Reflecting on making it to the final stage, Adam said: “It felt amazing knowing that the end was so near and this course would be done soon. I was on my last legs, my whole body was killing and I was bloody staving hungry.”

Connor shared: “When I entered the course, I definitely had the ‘Resistance to Interrogation Phase’ as an aim in my head. I wanted to try to get to interrogation to see what happens.

“The fact that this phase is so psychologically demanding made me so intrigued. I knew I was strong physically but this was the ultimate test to see how strong psychologically and mentally I am.”

DJ added: “It feels awesome to have made it that far, especially given that there were so many amazing recruits alongside me. ”

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Justine reflected on the final challenge: “No regular civilian goes through an interrogation phase or anything similar in their life really, so I didn’t know how I’d cope. This was a completely different kind of mental endurance.”

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Meanwhile Keiran admitted: “I was definitely one of the least physically prepared recruits on the course, so to make it to the final stage is mad! ”

“Before the course started I envisioned I wouldn’t get past Day five, so to make the final seven is a real achievement and one I’m proud of.” added Sean.

Finally, Tyler revealed: “My personal goal going into the selection process was to make it to the interrogation stage, to allow me to put my mental strength to the test, as this is something I have held so much doubt against.”

The final episode of the current series of SAS: Who Dares Wins airs on Sunday 13 June at 9PM on Channel 4.