Hot Mess Summer TV show with Rylan on Prime Video

Rylan poses in a white shirt behind a bar

Rylan hosts brand new TV show Hot Mess Summer, released on Wednesday February 7 2024 on Prime Video

In this new series , eight fun-loving Brits, known for their wild nights out, will face a unique challenge: spending the summer on the opposite side of the bar, taking charge of one of Zante’s most bustling party venues.

Eight hedonists believe they are in for a summer of fun, yet their friends, tired of their wild behaviour during nights out, have secretly nominated them to manage the bar during peak holiday season. Their tasks range from concocting cocktails to cleaning toilets.

If they can collaborate and avoid temptation, a substantial cash reward awaits them. However, achieving this is more challenging than it seems for these uproarious Hot Messes…

Watch a first trailer now…

Rylan Clark said: “Hot Mess Summer is going to be funny, entertaining, chaotic and everything you’d expect from a Zante bar. But our eight party lovers are hopefully going to take away real life lessons as they go from being the party animal to having instrumental roles in running a successful bar. All I’ll say is that it’s not as easy as it sounds…”

Managing director of production company Naked, Tom O’Brien, added: “Hot Mess Summer is a wild, totally unfiltered, heart-warming summer success story, with an unforgettable cast and an epic rug-pull reveal. Thanks to Prime Video, who have been great new partners for us, too.”

Hot Mess Summer will launch on Prime Video in 2024.