Rochelle Humes reveals Marvin’s ‘midlife crisis’ jungle stint on I’m A Celebrity

Rochelle Humes feared husband Marvin Humes was “having some midlife crisis” when he signed up for I’m A Celebrity.

In a lively conversation with Rylan Clark and Emma Willis, Rochelle Humes shared her experiences in Australia as she anticipates reuniting with her husband. Marvin is one of the final five celebs ahead of another vote-off tonight.

Rochelle opened up about the challenges of jet lag, saying, “I’ve probably slept an hour since I’ve been here. Jet lag isn’t ideal but apart from that I’m having a wonderful time!” She detailed her routine of driving to the camp each morning to watch the live show, followed by relaxing by the pool with a pina colada.

Speaking of Marvin’s journey in the jungle, Rochelle admitted her astonishment and pride. “I can’t believe he did it… I thought he was having some midlife crisis! Normally people go and buy a fancy car, and he decides to go in the jungle, I still can’t get my head around it.

“But the fact that he’s done things that I never thought he’d do like jump out of a plane, that was just a massive deal because I just know how much that terrifies him – I still can’t believe he’s in there and quite what he’s done. But I’ve loved watching it because he’s just been him.”

Marvin Humes on I'm A Celebrity

She continued: “Anyone that knows him knows how calm he is, how level headed he is… but he’s quite competitive, especially with himself, so it’s there’s a star to be won I know he’ll go in and give it a good go – I can tell he’s not happy with the green ants.

“He’s just really calm and chilled and to be honest, I’ve missed that at home having three kids – it’s all a bit crazy, I’ve missed the calmness. I’ve realised who’s the frantic one of the duo and it’s definitely me!”

Rochelle was visibly moved when discussing Marvin’s emotional reaction to his letter from home. “We’ve been together 14 years and I think I’ve seen him cry four times… it really threw me,” she confessed, acknowledging the difficulty of no contact during the show.

She also shared a sweet insight, revealing that Marvin’s ‘heart pump’ gesture each night is a special sign for her and their children. Additionally, Rochelle updated on Josie’s family, mentioning, “Reggie is getting on great… he hasn’t got out of the hot tub!” and that it’s comforting for Marvin and Josie to have each other’s support in the camp.

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX with the final on Sunday night.