Rochelle Humes and Marvin Humes spill all on The Hit List series 3


Rochelle Humes and Marvin Humes have spilled all on series 3 of The Hit List.

The game show had its first outing earlier in 2019 and quickly proved popular with viewers.

Each week, three couples compete for a chance to win £10,000 and all they have to do is name the song and the artist – simple! Each round will be filled with hit songs from the sixties to today covering every style of pop music.

Series 3 begins on Saturday September 26 at 6:15PM on BBC One.

Speaking of their excitement to be back, Marvin said: “We always say it’s a show that we would be fans of, regardless of being hosts or not. It’s our favourite game to play and we’re back with a third series which is incredible.

“Because of the pandemic, we got delayed with the recording. However, we were actually the first to record at the BBC Scotland studios post lockdown which was great. So yes, excited to be back on everyone’s screens.”

Rochelle added: “We love to work on the show and we’re just pleased that we could make it happen and turn it around during a pandemic, which is brilliant.”

Explaining some of the changes that made the show possible during the pandemic, Marvin revealed: “The first episode was different because we had no studio audience but after filming the first episode without the audience, we got used to it.

“With social distancing measures, there were slight adjustments to the contestants’ lineup and the stage. But it was absolutely fine! With Rochelle and I being a married couple, we were able to stand together. However, we need to pay credit to the BBC and all of the crew because they kept everyone safe, and the measures were very strict behind the scenes.”

There are also some changes to the format for Series 3.

Marvin shared: “We have a new first round now: Five of Five from Five. It consists of five songs from five decades that were top five hits. It’s quite a good first round to start with because it’s quick-fire and it gets the game going a lot faster.”

Added Rochelle: “The new first round is quite a testing round so I think that we see, from that point, who’s the strongest and who works well together. As a pair of contestants, one may have a better knowledge of a certain era or genre. I always like the father/daughter or the mother/son combos as I find they work really well.”

The Hit List series 3 begins on Saturday September 26 at 6:15PM on BBC One.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via the BBC iPlayer.