Richard Osman’s House Of Games 2023 new series start date and guests revealed


Richard Osman’s House Of Games is back for new episodes for 2023 – when does the new series start on TV?

Hosted by the witty and charming Richard Osman, the show features a group of celebrity contestants who engage in a series of fun and challenging quiz rounds.

Each episode offers a mix of trivia, word games, and brain-teasers, keeping both the contestants and viewers entertained.

Richard Osmans House Of Games

The brand new seventh series arrives on BBC Two from Monday, 25 September at 6PM.

Guests on the line up of the first week are Ken Bruce, Alice Roberts, Perri Shakes-Drayton and Kiell Smith-Bynoe

As ever, episodes will air weeknights throughout the week. You can also watch online via BBC iPlayer.

Series seven of House Of Games will air for twenty weeks for a total of 100 new episodes.

Every day, a new champion emerges through a rapid-fire round at the conclusion of each episode. As the week progresses, these scores accumulate, leading to the ultimate crowning of an overall champion on Friday.

The victors must make a critical choice: will they choose the highly sought-after House of Games suitcase, or will they be enticed by the House of Games bee hotel?

With its unique format and engaging questions, House of Games has become a beloved addition to the BBC’s lineup, appealing to both quiz enthusiasts and fans of light-hearted competition.

Richard Osman said of the series: “The show is going to be great fun. Lots of great rounds, lots of competitive celebs, lots of surprises, and, most importantly, so much to play along with at home.”

Alongside the weeknightly BBC Two series, a weekly prime-time BBC One spin-off Richard Osman’s House of Games Night which last aired in 2021.

You can catch up on past episodes online now via BBC iPlayer

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