Reported Missing’s emotional search for two people with dementia leaves viewers in tears

Reported Missing BBC One S03E02 August 19

Tonight’s Reported Missing on BBC One (August 19) followed the search for two missing people.

Both were living with dementia and saw police mount full scale searches to return them home safely.

The first case focused on 82-year-old Sheila who disappeared into the busy streets of Gloucester town centre at lunchtime while out with her husband.

After a frantic search around town, Sheila’s husband John called Gloucestershire Police and a major search operation swung into action.

John, who had been married to Sheila for over 50 years, spoke about watching his partner’s steady decline into a childlike state while fighting valiantly to keep the woman he calls the love of his life at home with him and in his care.

Fortunately, Sheila was found safe and well nine miles away after taking a bus out of town.

Meanwhile, another case saw 79-year-old John disappear from his home. The home he shared with his wife was in a small village, surrounded by open countryside, where it would be easy for him to get lost quickly.

Without the benefit of CCTV, police started scouring the lanes and wooded areas near to the house.

The police helicopter later joined the search while an appeal was also made on social media.

As the night closed in and concern grew, John was ultimately found by the helicopter wondering in the middle of a field near a railway line.

“#ReportedMissing is a tough watch tonight…” one viewer wrote on Twitter as the episode played out.

Another added: “Watching this week’s episode of #reportedmissing – I can already tell it’s going to be a sad one”

“I’m praying they find Sheila…this is heartbreaking to watch tonight” wrote a third.

Reported Missing airs on BBC One. You can watch episodes online and catch up via the BBC iPlayer.