Reported Missing tonight follows urgent search for two missing women

Reported Missing 2022 series 4 episode 4

Reported Missing continues its brand new series on BBC One this week with two new cases.


The BBC documentary show sees cameras follow police investigations into missing persons from the moment the phone rings.

In the fourth episode of series 4 (1 November), the search for two missing women, both of whom are at potential risk of harm from abusive ex-partners.

Reported Missing: South Yorkshire Police officers knocking on door.
Reported Missing: South Yorkshire Police officers knocking on door. Credit: Blast! Films Ltd

In the first case, at close to midnight a woman calls South Yorkshire Police to report her sister missing. Office worker Yasmin has failed to return home from work, which she finished over six hours ago.

According to her family, this behaviour is extremely out of character for Yasmin, who normally rings immediately after work to let them know she’s on her way home. Attempts to ring her have proved fruitless, and her phone appears to be switched off.

Sgt Becky Jones dispatches officers to find out more from Yasmin’s family. But almost as soon as she starts looking into the case, Sgt Jones comes across some worrying information: Yasmin’s ex-partner is currently on bail for stalking and harassing her.

Meanwhile in Doncaster, a call comes in about another young woman who may be at risk. Amy has been staying with her mother since having a violent altercation with her ex-partner over a week ago.

She has failed to pick her children up from school, and no-one has seen or heard from her for hours. With Amy still not answering her phone, her mum is becoming concerned for her welfare.

Reported Missing: Helicopter searching at night
Reported Missing: Helicopter searching at night

PC Rob Hyatt from Doncaster Police Station starts investigating the case, and attention soon turns to Amy’s ex-partner. Amy’s social media status has suddenly been changed to ‘engaged’ to her ex, but nobody knows whether Amy posted the update herself.


Reported Missing airs on BBC One Tuesday nights at 9PM.

You can watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.