Release The Hounds! TOWIE stars face Halloween special

Release The Hounds: Halloween Special airs tonight with a brand new celebrity line up.

Brand new host, Matt Edmondson, will be at the helm of the celebrated show, which will see four TOWIE cast members swap Essex for a remote forest at the dead of night…

Release the Hounds: Famous & Freaked, which will air on ITV2 later this year, is filmed in a remote forest from dusk through to the dead of night.

Each episode sees a team of three celebrities experience some of the scariest challenges ever on TV. As the darkness falls, they must face horror themed mental and physical challenges aimed to truly push them to their limits and culminates in the participants being chased by dogs in the hope of winning a large cash prize.

If they manage to escape the hounds, the money belongs to them to donate to a charity of their choosing.

In tonight’s Halloween special, Brothers Jon and Chris Clark will join Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows for the spooktacular feature-length Halloween episode.

The foursome will be set some of the scariest challenges on TV, from being trapped in a possessed church in the middle of a forest to being kidnapped by the Jigsaw puppet from Saw, pushing them to the very edge…