Who is Mushroom on The Masked Singer? Fans think they already know!

The Masked Singer: SR3: Ep1 on ITV and ITV Hub. Pictured: Mushroom. ©Bandicoot TV
The Masked Singer: SR3: Ep1 on ITV and ITV Hub. Pictured: Mushroom. ©Bandicoot TV

Who is Mushroom on The Masked Singer? Fans of the show think they've already rumbled their identity.

The Masked Singer's third season is airing weekends on ITV.


The mystery singing competition sees famous faces sing-off to put on a show-stopping musical performance while keeping their identities secret behind spectacular outfits.

One of the mystery singers on this year's series is Mushroom.

Who is Mushroom on The Masked Singer?

Mushroom opened the first episode as they performed Bjork's It's Oh So Quiet before singing There Are Worse Things I Could Do for Movie week. In Week 3, Mushroom performed Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.

In clue packages, Mushroom has been seen in woodlands as they described themselves as "mellow" in what appeared to be a Lancashire accent. The number 1:28, a gavel, the letter W and chattering teeth also featured in the VTs

In a cryptic clue given to the panel, Mushroom said: "I just want to bring peace and love man".

Then in week two, mushroom offered up two lies and one truth: "It could be said that I've raised an eye brow", "Something I did got everybody talking", "My carer started out a little bit fizzy".


Guesses from the panel have included Rochelle Humes, Kym Marsh, Sarah Lancashire and Jane McDonald.

However viewers were more sure, with many suggesting it could be Charlotte Church under the mask.

"Charlotte Church Is 100% mushroom, she set up a forest school!" one wrote.

Another agreed: "It’s 100% @charlottechurch it’s the range and depth of the voice that gives it away and the clues."

Other popular guesses from viewers have included Catherine Tate, Sarah Millican and Aisling Bea after Mushroom sung with an apparent Irish accent.

The Masked Singer UK third series continues Saturdays on ITV.


Other characters in the series in 2022 are Bagpipes, Doughnuts, Chandelier, Lionfish, Snow Leopard, Rockhopper, Robobunny, Panda, Firework, Traffic Cone and Poodle.

You can watch the show online via the ITV Hub.

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