Ready Or Not: BBC One reveals new game show with Paddy McGuinness

BBC One has revealed a new game show with Paddy McGuinness, Ready Or Not.


It begins tonight, Saturday March 31, at 6OM on BBC One.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, Ready or Not’s crack team of quiz show hosts won’t be far away, ready to surprise members of the public with their crazy games.

This new comedy gameshow, which features voiceover by much-loved star Paddy McGuinness, will be on TV screens on Saturday tea time and brings a hilarious twist to the traditional gameshow.

Paddy McGuinness says: “This is like no other show I’ve worked on before. It’s fun, it’s mad and its definitely going to get people at home wishing they were part of it”

The Ready or Not hosts will surprise unsuspecting members of the public – absolutely anywhere.

Whether that means popping up through the middle of a table in a crowded restaurant to quiz unsuspecting diners, challenging a rider at the top of London’s Orbit slide to give a list of answers before they hit the bottom; turning a shopping centre lift into a glamorous mini game show set; or making visitors to an art gallery complete ridiculous challenges through their audio headset.

Hosts include Actor and Comedian Matt Ralph, comedian Tom Allen, radio presenter Pete Donaldson, TV presenter Laura Jackson, Presenters Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes, Comedian Matthew Crosby and Comedian London Hughes.

There’s also Crumpet, the talking dog, ready to strike up a conversation with startled shoppers before hitting them with a series of tricky questions.


Crumpet says: “Finally, someone at BBC One has thrown me a bone and now I have a lead role on primetime TV. I just hope the press don’t hound me.”

In every game contestants can win cash or a selection of prizes. And at the end of the show, one lucky contestant will play in the big money game for the top prize of £1000.

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