27 MILLION viewers watch Prime Minister Boris Johnson's statement on coronavirus outbreak

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Over 27 million people watched Prime Minister Boris Johnson address the UK last night (Monday, March 23).

The PM announced new restrictions in a bid to combat the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


The UK has been told to stay at home unless absolutely necessary, with people advised only to leave their houses for essential work, basic shopping needs and exercise once a day.

His video statement aired across channels and networks with a total audience of 27.1 million viewers.

That included 15.4 million on BBC One, 5.7 million on ITV and 1.6 million on Channel 4.

A further 2.1 million watched on Sky News and 2.3 million on BBC News.

Across multiple channels, it makes it the most watched TV broadcast in the UK since the Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997.

None of the overnight figures include people who may have been watching online, meaning the total audience was even higher.

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