Most watched TV shows of 2019 (so far)

bgt line of duty

Here is a look at the most watched UK TV shows of 2019 - so far.

As 2019 heads towards the half-way point, here's a round up of the biggest TV moments of the year to date based on official consolidated catch up figures.

And currently it's a close battle for the top spot between BBC One's Line Of Duty and ITV's Britain's Got Talent.

As things stand, Line Of Duty has the edge with 10.9 million viewers to Britain's Got Talent's 10.2 million.

However both shows are still airing; there are two episodes of Line Of Duty to go at the time of writing, while Britain's Got Talent has its live stages later on in the year.

The rest of the top ten sees ITV taking a slight lead over the BBC with six of the most watched programmes to date.

New dramas from ITV Manhunt, Cleaning Up and Cheat have all posted big numbers, together with soap staple Coronation Street as well as returning series Vera.

For BBC One, Call The Midwife, Death In Paradise and Luther join Line Of Duty in the top ten.

UK's Most Watched Shows Of 2019 - so far

Up to April 14. Official BARB 7-day TV set catch up figures including +1 and HD channels.
Highest rated single episode, instalment or match per channel.

1. Line of Duty - 10.9 million (BBC One)

2. Britain’s Got Talent - 10.2 million (ITV)

3. Manhunt - 9.0 million (ITV)

4. Call the Midwife - 8.9 million (BBC One)

5. Luther - 8.8 million (BBC One)

6. Cleaning Up - 8.5 million (ITV)

7. Cheat - 8.2 million (ITV)

8. Death in Paradise - 8.2 million (BBC One)

9. Coronation Street - 8.1 million (ITV)

10. Vera - 8.0 million (ITV)

Of course 2019 still has a while to go yet.

TV shows that could make an impact in the top 10 include the likes of regular reality shows Strictly Come Dancing and I'm A Celebrity.

There's also the Great British Bake Off on Channel 4 plus The X Factor's rumoured Celebrity and All Star series which could prove a hit.

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