Current most watched TV shows of 2018 revealed

Latest UK TV viewing figures and ratings


Here are the most watched TV shows of 2018 - so far.

As we head towards the end of the year - which shows are topping the UK viewing figures and ratings?

Currently it's a fairly even split between ITV and BBC One for the top spots, with Channel 4 also making an appearance.

Unsurprisingly, England's World Cup matches top the numbers with over 20 million watching the semi-final against Croatia.

Outside of the football, BBC One drama The Bodyguard beats ITV's Britain's Got Talent to top the list.

Together with Strictly Come Dancing, they are the only non-football shows to see more than 10 million viewers in 2018 so far.

Coronation Street proves to be the biggest soap while the Great British Bake Off continues to bring in big numbers for Channel 4 after moving from BBC One.

UK's Most Watched Shows Of 2018

Up to end of September. Official BARB 7-day catch up figures including +1 and HD channels.
Highest rated single episode, instalment or match per channel.

1. World Cup: Croatia vs England - 20.7 million (ITV)

2. World Cup: Sweden vs England - 17.4 million (BBC One)

3. Bodyguard - 14.3 million (BBC One)

4. Britain's Got Talent - 11.2 million (ITV)

5. Strictly Come Dancing - 10.6 million (BBC One)

6. Call the Midwife - 9.6 million viewers (BBC One)

7. Coronation Street - 9.4 million (ITV)

8. Great British Bake Off - 9.2 million (Channel 4)

9. Saturday Night Takeaway - 9 million (ITV)

10. The Royal Wedding - 8.9 million (BBC One)

The Royal Wedding was a big hit across a number of channels, but on average it only made it to Number 10 on the list.

A peak audience across all of ITV, BBC and Sky of 18 million viewers tuned in on the day.

But on average, only the BBC's coverage made the top list, with a consolidated figure of just under 9 million viewers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the year ahead has plenty more TV shows that could get big ratings.

They include likes of I'm A Celebrity later on in the year.

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