Professor T cast revealed for new ITV drama with Ben Miller

Meet the Professor T 2021 cast

Professor T series 1 has arrived on ITV and BritBox – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.


Based on the hit Belgian series of the same name, Professor T is set against the stunning backdrop of one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, Cambridge University.

The new series features Ben Miller in the titular role of Professor Jasper Tempest, an eccentric, but brilliant criminology professor who suffers with OCD and has a tortured past.

Professor T 2021 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of series 1 of Professor T:

Professor T (Jaspar Tempest) – Ben Miller
Lisa Donckers – Emma Naomi
Detective Sergeant Dan Winters – Barney White
Detective Inspector Paul Rabbit – Andy Gathergood

Adelaide Tempest – Frances De La Tour
Ingrid Snares – Sarah Woodward
The Dean (Wilfred Hamilton) – Douglas Reith
Chief Inspector Christina Brand – Juliet Aubrey
Jackson Donckers – Ben Onwukwe

A synopsis of the series shares: “Every aspect of Professor Jasper Tempest’s life is precisely calibrated and rigidly structured. Impeccably dressed and meticulously punctual, he lectures daily at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology, teaching students imaginatively, if pedantically, about the science of crime. And each evening, he returns home to his apartment, which is as sterile and systematically ordered as a science lab. Thanks to this strictly regimented approach, his OCD and germaphobia are under control.

“But Professor T’s buttoned-down world is slowly undone when he is persuaded by one of his former students, Detective Sergeant Lisa Donckers, to assist her in investigating a serial rapist who has started attacking young women again after a 10-year hiatus. The Professor’s encyclopaedic knowledge of criminal psychology and his brilliant mind prove invaluable to the under-resourced CID team, but the cracks in his carefully constructed emotionless carapace also begin to show.”

Watch Professor T on TV and online

The new series of Professor T currently airs at 9PM on Sunday nights on ITV. The series has six episodes.


You’ll also be able to watch episodes online and catch up via the ITV Hub here.

Meanwhile the full series is already available to watch online now via BritBox here.

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