Pointless reveals new line up of guest hosts joining Alexander Armstrong

A brand new line up of guest presenters have been announced for Pointless.

New episodes will once again see joining Alexander Armstrong joined by a rotating line up of co-hosts after Richard Osman stepped down last year.

Those taking part in the new series are Andi Oliver, Gyles Brandreth, Nish Kumar, Lucy Porter, Ria Lina, Rose Matafeo, Sally Phillips and Vick Hope.


They join previous guest hosts Sally Lindsay, Lauren Laverne, Stephen Mangan, Konnie Huq, Alex Brooker and Ed Gamble.

Pointless host Alexander Armstrong said: “It has been a really fun process sharing the hosting with so many different guests. They have all brought their own styles and senses of humour, keeping the show fresh and exciting every time and I can’t wait to welcome more celebrity hosts to the show this year.”

Andi Oliver enthused: “Oh I’m SO excited to be getting to sit in the famous chair next to the delicious Alexander Armstrong! I’ve been on both ends of the pointless scale, winning AND being booted off first! So I’m rather thrilled that this time I’ve been invited to be in the comfy seat! Sign me up!”

Gyles Brandreth shared: “As a little boy, I dreamed of being one of Santa’s little helpers. I have to tell you, being Xander’s little helper is even more fun. It’s like Christmas every day. I love it.”

Nish Kumar commented: “I can’t wait to sit behind the desk and give out all the clever answers and obscure facts, as if I knew any of them. Richard’s shoes are definitely big ones to fill, but I am looking forward to it very much.”

Lucy Porter added: “I’m delighted to be joining my favourite TV quiz. I loved Pointless first as a viewer, then as a contestant, and now I’m thrilled to be getting a turn in Richard’s seat. I’m hoping they’ll let me have a go at operating the cameras next.

“I’m looking forward to delivering my favourite catchphrase: ‘and by country we mean a sovereign state that’s a member of the EU in its own right’.”

Ria Lina said: “Having been not only an avid fan playing from home, but also a contestant on Celebrity Pointless, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to sit in that hallowed chair and finally have all the answers! I’m especially looking forward to working with Xander and encouraging as many teams as possible to win that Pointless jackpot.”

Rose Matafeo commented: “I am over the moon to be co-hosting Pointless. As an ardent fan of television quiz shows, this is my Everest.

“When I first moved to the UK, I had a lot of time on my hands to watch hours of TV, ingratiating myself into British society with the help of insights I would learn from this nightly poll of 100 people. I also did it to make my friends jealous.”

Sally Phillips said: “I am so looking forward to trying Richard Osman’s big shoes on and being the answer police on Pointless. I am certain the power of the Pointless laptop will go to my head, and I will become insufferable, which I am also really looking forward to.”

And Vick Hope added: “What an absolute joy to get quizzy at teatime on the most iconic game shows around! I love Pointless, am obsessed with trivia and quizzes, and can’t wait to join Xander and the contestants every day from Richard’s hot seat. One very excited pointless co-host incoming…!”

Pointless airs weeknights at 5:15PM on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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