Pointless bloopers revealed as Alexander Armstrong struggles to keep it together

The BBC has revealed a behind the scenes look at some Pointless bloopers.


And it turns out that the seemingly simple quiz show is a lot harder to host than it looks.

In a clip shared on Twitter, the BBC poked fun at Alexander Armstrong’s attempts to introduce co-host Richard Osman.

After numerous mess ups, Richard jokes to the camera: “He only does that to get £250 from It’ll Be Alright On The Night. That’s how he supplements his income.”

And in another slip up, Alexander tells the contestants they’re playing for a jukebox, rather than a jackpot…

Pointless first launched on BBC Two back in 2009 before moving to BBC One in 2011 after proving a hit.

To date, over 1,000 episodes have aired including regular shows weeknights and Celebrity specials on Saturday evenings.

In each episode, teams of two contestants have to find correct but obscure answers to general knowledge questions in order to score as few points as possible.

All the questions asked were put to a panel of 100 individuals in a pre-conducted public survey. Contestants seek to find correct answers that were given by as few participants as possible. Any (correct) answer not given by the panel are considered Pointless.

Every pointless answer given during the main game increases the jackpot by £250, as contestants compete to make the final jackpot game.

There, the top team goes it alone with a selection of categories and questions.

To win the jackpot, they must give at least one pointless answer to one of the questions.

If they do, they take home the money in the pot but if not, the money rolls over to the next episode.

But whatever the outcome, they do get to take home the Pointless trophy…


Pointless airs at 5:15PM on week nights on BBC One.

Pointless Celebrities airs Saturday evenings.

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