Open House: The Great Sex Experiment returns to Channel 4 for second series

Open House start date

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment will return to Channel 4 for a second series.

Described as “a bold new social experiment” the show follows a group of currently monogamous couples as they explore for the first time whether they would be happier in an open relationship.

Announcing the second series, Channel 4 share: “Much like the first series, which sparked conversations about monogamy in modern relationships, the second series will follow monogamous couples as they explore whether they would be happier together in an open relationship.

“Assisted by experts, the couples will embark on a series of intimate challenges to road-test, within a safe space, whether having sex with other people is at odds with maintaining their committed relationship.”

Series two of Open House: The Great Sex Experiment begins on Thursday, 18 May at 10PM.

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor Tim Hancock said: “The popularity of Open House shines a light on just how many couples nowadays are considering alternative relationship models and I was proud of how the series showed both the joys and difficult challenges that opening up your relationship brings.

“We’ve been blown away by the number of couples who have applied to come to test out non-monogamy in series 2.”

Jes Wilkins, Chief Creative Officer at producers Firecracker Film, added: “I couldn’t be prouder of the impact that this series has made.

“It’s harder than ever before to attract a big, young audience to risky new shows and we have achieved that by evolving the blend of purposeful and provocative factual entertainment that Firecracker and Channel 4 have worked on together so successfully over the years.”

The first series is currently available on catch up on All 4 here.

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