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One Direction fans not impressed by Robbie Williams’ X Factor comment

Robbie Williams is feeling the wrath of One Direction fans after making a quip about the group on X Factor last night.


The new series went live for the first time on Saturday with performances from all sixteen of the acts.

Robbie’s group United Vibe performed a cover of Slow Hands – originally sung by One Direction’s own Niall Horan – but it received a mixed response from the judges.

Both Simon Cowell and Niall’s 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson claimed it felt too ‘staged’.

However Ayda Williams commented: “You guys just got together. I thought that was a great song choice and you know what, you guys get on really well which is important.

“The worst thing in a group is when one person thinks they’re better than everybody else,” she added, getting a dig in at her husband’s Take That days.

Robbie then added: “In the early days of Take That when we’d been together for a month or six weeks, however long it is that you’re together now, you are leaps and bounds beyond us.


“And also you’re leaps and bounds beyond One Direction at this point.”

One Direction’s fans were quick to defend the group on Twitter, with one ranting at Robbie: “ONE DIRECTION CAN NEVER BE COMPARED TO ANY OTHER BAND @ ROBBIE #XFACTOR.”

“can robbie please shut up? no band will ever be able to replace one direction #xfactor,” added another.

And one very unhappy viewer snapped: “#xfactor pls like kick robbie off already he’s trash.”

Meanwhile, Louis himself also came under fire from some 1D fans after he spoke about his time in the group.

“Did @Louis_Tomlinson just say ‘he was in a band’ last time I checked one direction was just on a break” reacted one of One Direction’s loyal followers.

“um used to be?? no louis you’re STILL in a band” another agreed.


And a third added: “‘i used to be in a band’ uhhhh you still ARE in a band louis tomlinson shut your mouth”

The X Factor 2018 returns tonight at 8PM on ITV with the first results show as two acts are sent home.