Not Going Out renewed for a ninth AND tenth series

Not Going Out has been commissioned for a further two series, taking its total up to ten.

The BBC One sitcom returned for its eighth run earlier this year.

Ahead of a Christmas special tonight, already a ninth and tenth series have been given the green light.

Last series, Lee (Lee Mack) and his long-suffering flat mate Lucy (Sally Breton) finally realised they were made for each other and tied the knot.

Series 8 flashed forward seven years and saw the couple return to the screen as parents with three young children, and the antics soon follow…

BBC comedy boss Shane Allen praised show creator, writer and star Lee Mack, saying: “There are easier ways for a man of Lee’s talent to make money.”

Lee himself said (via Chortle): “When we started I thought it might run for just one or two series. I started the show in my 30s and currently I’ll still be doing it in my 50s, even if we don’t do any more after that.

“But I’ll do it as long as I’m asked because I actually like doing it. I know you’re supposed to do the traditional way of doing six episodes, then maybe another six, and finish and call yourself a classic – but I like to really drag it out! I’ll do it to death.”

Having originally launched ten years ago, Not Going Out’s ten series will make it one of the UK’s longest running sitcoms in history.