Nish Kumar stepping down as host of Late Night Mash on Dave

Nish Kumar has announced he is stepping down as host of Late Night Mash.

The Dave series is a continuation of The Mash Report which aired for four series on BBC Two.

In a post on social media today (28 October), Nish announced he is stepping down as host.

He said: “Hi, Nish Kumar here. I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest series of Late Night Mash. Sadly, it’s going to be my last as host.

“I’ve loved being part of this show, but I’ve made the difficult decision to step down and spend more time with my emotional problems. Thank you to everyone at Dave, everyone who has worked on the show, and especially everyone who watched it.

“It’s been the longest I’ve ever stayed in a job, mainly because the uniform is nicer than that of Croydon WHSmiths.”

He added in a separate post: “It is true – I’m leaving Late Night Mash.

“After five years across the Beeb and Dave, it felt like the time was right to move on.

“I’m writing this on the back of my final script. It’s covered in blood due to me slamming my hand into the staple by accident. It is a testament to how much of myself I put into the show, and also my ceaseless clumsiness.

“I want to thank the BBC for commissioning the show, and Dave for saving it. And thanks to everyone who worked on the show – it truly was a labour of love. For us all.

“When we started in 2017 we were told a show like this wouldn’t work on British TV. The fact that it has is the result of the talent and hard work of everyone involved in making the show. Most importantly, thanks for watching.”

Late Night Mash also features Rachel Parris, Ellie Taylor, Geoff Norcott and Steve N.

You can watch the latest episodes from the Dave series online now via UKTV Play.

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