Nigella Lawson recipes from Amsterdam Christmas TV show

Nigella Lawson’s Christmas special Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas arrives on TV tonight.

The latest festive show showcases her deep affinity for Amsterdam’s festive charm and related recipes.

Immersed in the city’s enchanting holiday spirit, Nigella shares her family’s historical connection to Amsterdam, evoking memories of twinkling lights on canals, warm Claret Cup against the chill, and the scents and sounds of festive baking.

This programme features her treasured Amsterdam locations, combining her distinctive narrative style with beloved culinary insights.

Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas recipes

Speculaas biscuits

In Amsterdam, you can hardly miss these delightfully spiced biscuits, epitomising the Christmas spirit. They are the quintessential festive treat. Get the recipe here.

Dutch mussels

Known as ‘zwarte goud’ or ‘black gold’ in the Netherlands, Dutch mussels are a culinary treasure. Quick to cook, they offer a luxuriously swift delight.

Nigella Lawson poses with a plate of food in Nigella's Amsterdam Christmas

No-bake advocaat and ginger cake

This recipe is less about baking and more about creative layering. Cream, crystallised ginger, figs, nuts, and gingerbread meld into a lavish and indulgent dessert. Get the recipe online here.


Reflecting the rich Dutch-Indonesian culinary heritage in Amsterdam, this biryani is an adapted take on an Indonesian recipe by Sri Owen, serving as a spectacular centrepiece for any celebration.

Nigella guides viewers through her favourite Amsterdam spots, including a unique liquorice-focused sweet shop, a renowned cheese store, and a popular chip shop. She gathers special ingredients for her London-based festive feast, soaking in the tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere of the city, and concludes with a celebration that captures the essence of Christmas.

Filmed in both London and Amsterdam, this special combines Nigella’s charismatic presence, engaging storytelling, and a festive twist on easy-to-make recipes, inviting viewers on a personal journey through the Dutch capital this Christmas season.

Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas airs on BBC One and iPlayer on Thursday, 21 December from 8PM.

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