New episodes of The Simpsons coming to Disney+

Disney+ has revealed the release date for brand new episodes of The Simpsons.

Season 34 of the Emmy Award-winning show is set to premiere on 1 November 2023, exclusively on the streaming service in the UK and Ireland.

This new season welcomes viewers back to the quirky town of Springfield for another 22 episodes filled with the hilarious antics of the Simpson family.

Season 34 of The Simpsons holds a significant milestone, as it includes the show’s 750th episode, titled Homer’s Adventures Through The Windshield Glass. As always, the season boasts an impressive lineup of guest voice appearances, featuring talented stars such as Fred Armisen, Anna Faris, Will Forte, Simu Liu, Lizzo, Rob Lowe, Melissa McCarthy, Jade Novah, Aubrey Plaza, John Roberts, and many more.

In the season premiere, Homer embarks on a mission to prove his intelligence by solving the case of a missing tortoise from the local zoo. Additionally, Season 34 features a special treat with two Treehouse of Horror“episodes, marking the first instance of two Treehouse-branded episodes in a single Halloween-themed special.

For fans eagerly awaiting the new season, Disney+ has also released fresh artwork from the Treehouse of Horror XXXIII segment titled Death Tome, pictured above.

Since its debut in 1989, The Simpsons has become a pop culture phenomenon, recognized worldwide for its groundbreaking and innovative humour. The Simpson family, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, has become iconic figures in the realm of television.

In addition to the 34 seasons of The Simpsons available on Disney+, fans can enjoy The Simpsons Movie and a collection of 10 shorts that showcase the misadventures of the Simpson family.

Through 20 September, new and returning customers can subscribe to Disney+ for £1.99/month for three months by visiting

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