New BBC comedy Daddy Issues to star Aimee Lou Wood and David Morrissey

Malcolm (David Morrissey) and Gemma (Aimee Lou Wood) sat side by side on a sofa looking directly into the camera
Malcolm (David Morrissey) and Gemma (Aimee Lou Wood) in Daddy Issues. Credit: BBC/James Stack

Aimee Lou Wood and David Morrissey are to star in a new BBC comedy called Daddy Issues.

Filming has commenced on the six-part comedy series, created by the team behind hit shows like White Gold and The Inbetweeners.

The show centres around the character Gemma, portrayed by Aimee Lou Wood, known for her role in Sex Education. Gemma’s life in Stockport, Manchester, takes an unexpected turn when she becomes pregnant following a casual encounter on a flight back from Portugal. This development occurs at a less than ideal time in her life.

David Morrissey, acclaimed for his roles in Sherwood and The Walking Dead, plays Gemma’s father, Malcolm. Malcolm is depicted as kind-hearted but inept, struggling with the basics of daily life and coping with the fallout of his family’s collapse.

The plot thickens as Gemma and Malcolm find themselves living together in Gemma’s flat. Gemma needs support during a crucial time, while Malcolm requires assistance with even the simplest tasks. Daddy Issues is described as a classic odd couple comedy, focusing on the funny and flawed relationship between father and daughter.

Also on the cast are are David Fynn (Am I Being Unreasonable?), Sharon Rooney (Barbie), Sarah Hadland (Miranda), Taj Atwal (Hullraisers), Arian Nik (Count Abdulla), Tom Stourton (Stath Lets Flats), Susan Lynch (Sex Education), Susannah Fielding (This Time with Alan Partridge), Lauren O’Rourke (Henpocalypse), Cyril Nri (Death in Paradise), Cora Kirk (Grantchester), Perry Fitzgerald (Line of Duty), Claire Keelan (The Trip), Damien Molony (Brassic), Sherrie Hewson (Benidorm), Humphrey Ker (Welcome to Wrexham) and David Reed (Ghosts).

Aimee Lou Wood said: “It had been a very long time since a script had made me laugh out loud. Danielle’s did exactly that. Then when I heard David was involved, I was even more excited. He’s someone I have admired throughout my life.

“Watching shows like Blackpool and Red Riding when I was younger fuelled my interest in acting and so it feels surreal and amazing to be working with someone I class as a legend and inspiration.”

David Morrissey added: “I’m delighted to be working with Aimee Lou Wood as she’s someone I’ve admired for a while now. She’s a truly unique and gifted talent. Danielle has crafted such a funny and heartfelt piece and I’m so excited to be part of it.”

Danielle Ward, known for her work on Brassic and In The Long Run, is the writer behind this promising series.

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