Netflix reveals cast for new spy thriller Black Doves

Black Doves Cast

Netflix has unveiled an exciting new addition to its cast for the upcoming six-part spy thriller, Black Doves, which is currently in the midst of production.


The newly announced cast members include the BAFTA-winning Adeel Akhtar, known for his role in Fool Me Once; comedy legend Tracey Ullman from The Tracey Ullman Show; Finn Bennett, recognised for his performance in True Detective: Night Country; and Luther Ford, who appeared in The Crown.

They join an already impressive lineup featuring Keira Knightley, Ben Whishaw, Andrew Buchan, Andrew Koji, Kathryn Hunter, Sam Troughton, Ella Lily Hyland, Adam Silver, Ken Nwosu, Gabrielle Creevy, and Omari Douglas.

Black Doves is set in London during the festive season and promises to be a blend of sharp action and heartfelt storytelling, revolving around friendship and sacrifice.

The plot centres on Helen Webb, portrayed by Keira Knightley, a devoted wife and mother who has been secretly betraying her politician husband by passing his secrets to a clandestine organisation known as the Black Doves. The series takes a dramatic turn when Helen’s secret lover is assassinated, sparking a thrilling investigation into a deep-rooted conspiracy.

The series is crafted by Joe Barton, who serves as the writer, creator, and executive producer. Barton is known for his work on Giri/Haji and The Lazarus Project.

Black Doves is a collaborative production between SISTER and Noisy Bear, with Jane Featherstone, Chris Fry, and Keira Knightley acting as executive producers for SISTER, and Joe Barton for Noisy Bear. Direction is provided by Alex Gabassi, known for The Crown, and Lisa Gunning of The Power, with Harry Munday as the series producer.

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