Nadine Coyle and Cheryl want a Girls Aloud reunion despite their feuds


Both Nadine Coyle and Cheryl want a Girls Aloud reunion – despite their previous feuds.

As the former Popstars: The Rivals girl group pass what would be their fifteenth anniversary, the pair have both revealed hopes of one day getting back together.

“I would love a reunion, I really would – whether its in two years or 20 years,” Nadine told Closer magazine.

Meanwhile, speaking to the Daily Mirror, Cheryl said: “We had an amazing time when we were together. I watched a tour thing the other day online and it brought back lots of memories. I was feeling really nostalgic.”

X Factor boss Simon Cowell gave the idea his backing, adding: “I think they should get back together. Why don’t we get Nadine for dinner?…the three of us and we should talk about it.”

Girls Aloud’s famous fights were once again in the spotlight earlier this year when Nadine spilled all about their split, claiming she had no say in the decision.

Nadine recalled how she found out just before the groups’ final performance.

“I thought we were going to continue. I thought we were going to do loads and loads of stuff,” Nadine explained. “We had songs, we had a three-album deal and it seemed like a great time. Obviously the girls had different plans.”

Nadine confirmed there had always been a divide in the band with herself and Sarah Harding on one side and Cheryl, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts on the other.

She told The Sun newspaper: “It’s so sad for me to have to admit this stuff now because for so long, there’s the band, and you want everybody to think we’re best friends and we have pillow fights and, you know, drink milkshakes.

“That’s what I wanted it to be. I really, really wanted that to be, but it just wasn’t how it was.”