Myles Stephenson gets flirty with Kate Garraway on I’m A Celebrity

Myles Stephenson and Kate Garraway had a friendly flirt on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here tonight.

In this evening’s episode, Myles had taken a nap and got out of bed with a sore neck prompting Kate to tell him to get into her bed.

“There’s an offer you aren’t going to get every day,” joked Cliff Parisi.

“I can’t turn that one down, definitely not, Kate Garraway in your bed,” said the singer.

Jacqueline Jossa then asked him what was the oldest he would go, with Myles remarking: “I don’t know, I’ve slept with someone older than Kate Garraway. You are the same age as my mum.”

“And you’ve slept with someone older than your mum?” asked Jacqueline.

“Yep,” he replied. Nadine asked him how it came about. “Just had a night out,” he replied

Nadine said in the Bush Telegraph: “He’s a dark horse, I am shocked!”

Jacqueline said she wasn’t surprised at all that Myles likes an older lady “he just likes ladies!”

Kate was flattered, “that’s good to know because I think when you approach 50 it feels like you are no longer attractive. It’s a massive number and it feels like a big thing.”

Myles revealed: “You are one of my TV crushes, you are beautiful.”

In the Bush Telegraph Kate said: “I think he might have been being kind that was his charity work for the year!”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, the camp said goodbye to the second celeb as Andrew was eliminated.

After he’d left and said his goodbyes Ian said: “It’s a shame to see him go, we had our ups and downs but we sorted them out like grown men should.”

Roman said: “He’s a talker for sure, but it’s nice to hear other people’s voices.”

Andy agreed: “When we first came in the jail house he literally didn’t shut up for 24 hours, it was too much, I’m not saying it was a bad trait.”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV.