Danny Dyer stars in new comedy series Mr Bigstuff on Sky – first look

Mr Big Stuff first look with Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer stars in a brand new Sky comedy series Mr Bigstuff, coming this July to Sky Comedy and NOW.

The new show comes from Brassic and Plebs star Ryan Sampson, who also stars.

It follows estranged brothers Glen (Sampson) and Lee, played by Danny Dyer (Eastenders) in his TV comedy debut, try to patch up a sibling rivalry that may well be beyond repair.

The series delves into the complexities of dysfunctional families, the challenges of masculinity, and the world of carpet sales. It chronicles the lives of two estranged brothers: Glen, portrayed by Sampson, is a meticulous individual who aspires to embody the suburban dream, while Lee, played by Dyer, is the quintessential dominant male battling a dependency on prescription drugs, with his father’s ashes kept in a biscuit tin.

Glen and his fiancée lead a seemingly idyllic, albeit uneventful, existence together. Despite Glen’s battle with erectile dysfunction and Kirsty’s clandestine penchant for shoplifting, they find contentment in their life. However, their tranquility is shattered when Lee makes a tumultuous entry into their world, fleeing from a troubled past that’s hot on his heels.

The narrative forces an unlikely trio to cohabit: a perfectionist, a dreamer, and a rebel, all residing in the same Essex cul-de-sac. Their ‘ideal’ existence begins to come apart at the seams, mirroring the unraveling of a low-quality carpet, as they navigate the chaos that ensues.

Joining Ryan Sampson and Danny Dyer, the cast includes Harriet Webb as Kirsty, alongside Adrian Scarborough, Fatiha El Ghorri, Ned Dennehy, Victoria Alcock, Geoff Bell, Nitin Ganatra, Judi Love and more. The series will air on Sky and on streaming service NOW during Spring 2024.

Danny Dyer said: “Following my nutty exit from Eastenders I feel like it’s time to recalibrate and try something a bit new. When I read the role of Lee I was honoured to be asked to develop an exciting character and explore his dysfunctional f**ked up family relationships.

“I fell in love with Ryan Sampson while working with him on Plebs. I can’t wait to get involved with his incredible writing.”

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