Mo Jamil defends The Voice UK over acts’ lack of success

Reigning winner of The Voice UK Mo Jamil has defended the show.


Mo won The Voice UK in 2017 and will release his debut album at the end of the month.

Ahead of his comeback, Mo has hit back at claims The Voice fails to look after its acts.

The comments were made by former coach Paloma Faith, who said: “There’s no system in place to support the artists. It’s just like, all right, we’ve finished filming, off you go.”

Praising rival series The X Factor, Paloma added: “Simon Cowell supports the people on his shows.

“He’s emotionally invested in making it work because he doesn’t want to ever be defeated. I don’t think there’s anyone else doing that.”

But Mo has been keen to stick up for The Voice.

He told the Radio Times in response to Paloma’s criticisms: “I don’t know what happened in past years but I can say that since I’ve won everything’s been great for me. I think maybe she should check her facts, as I’ve had support from day one.”

Mo explained: “I’ve had a lot of support and a lot of people around me to try and prepare me for this moment,” he added. “I’ve had a manager since I came off The Voice and they’ve been very supportive, I’m always in contact with my label and I’ve had lots of meetings to help prepare me for this.


“I’m not sure where she got her facts from but I’m really happy.”

Mo’s album Evolve will be out on March 30. He’ll perform on The Voice UK’s live semi-final on March 31.