Midsomer Murders cast from The Sting of Death episode 2021

Midsomer Murders The Sting of Death cast and spoilers - S21E03

Midsomer Murders is back on ITV tonight with a brand new episode for 2021 – who’s on the cast of The Sting of Death?


Midsomer Murders follows DCI John Barnaby as he solves the murderous crimes that occur in the fictional English county of Midsomer.

The Sting of Death will air on Sunday, 21 March 2021 at 8PM.

A teaser for the episode, which was filmed in 2019, shares: “The Deddington’s thriving bee empire has put Granville Norton on the map, but what lengths will they go to to ensure they’re never dethroned… ”

It’s the third episode of Series 21 which first started to air last year.

Midsomer Murders cast

Neil Dudgeon returns to play DCI John Barnaby, Nick Hendrix is back as DS Jamie Winter and Annette Badland resumes her role as pathologist Dr Fleur Perkins with Fiona Dolman as Fleur Perkins.

Appearing in the cast of the Sting of Death episode are:


DCI John Barnaby – Neil Dudgeon
Ds Jamie Winter – Nick Hendrix
Sarah Barnaby – Fiona Dolman
Fleur Perkins – Annette Badland

Ambrose Deddington – Griff Rhys Jones
Tamara Deddington – Imogen Stubbs
Jude Deddington – Jack Fox
Melissa Deddington – Jacquetta May

Rev. Nigel Brookthorpe – Derek Griffiths
Hannah Brookthorpe – Nina Toussaint-White
Noah Moon – Ben Starr
Cyrus Babbage – Bryan Dick

Cal Ingalls – Aaron Anthony
Lynda Babbage – Wendi Peters
Dr Serena Lowe – Renée Castle
Betty Barnaby – Isabel Shaw


Midsomer Murders spoilers

Beautiful manor house, Apley Court, on the edge of the village of Granville Norton is home to historic hives that produce ‘Apley Gold’ honey; a valuable top of the range honey. Bee obsessive Lord of the manor Ambrose Deddington (Griff Rhys Jones), the eighth generation of honey producers at Apley Court, is a survivor of a life-threatening cancer, for which he cites a combination of Apley Gold and bee venom from his famous bees as his saviour. And with the unyielding support of his sister Tamara (Imogen Stubbs), his faith in its extraordinary healing power has brought Ambrose success, wealth and a dedicated following of Apitherapy devotees.

For years now Ambrose has maintained his status as top dog of the village, with his wealth and aristocratic title ensuring his position. But that position comes under threat when he and his precious hives are attacked by a masked assailant.

Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) and Winter (Nick Hendrix) are called in to investigate, with Ambrose convinced that the only person of interest should be his nephew Jude (Jack Fox), who was outlawed from the family pile years ago with his mother Melissa (Jacquetta May).


Midsomer Murders airs on ITV.

Episodes are available to catch up on ITV Hub.

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