Michelle Williams reveals all about The Masked Singer after performing as Rockhopper

Michelle Williams has spilled all on her time on The Masked Singer UK as Rockhopper.

In Saturday’s semi-final, Rockhopper was unmasked and they were revealed to be Destiny’s Child superstar Michelle Williams.

On taking part in the show, Michelle said: “I love music and to be able to cover some of my favourite songs without judgment was awesome. I wanted to challenge myself and also how much FUN I knew it would be.”

She added: “I was getting so much love from the panel and audience and it made me so anxious to reveal who I am. I was enjoying them throwing out all of these other amazing names as well.”

Speaking about her friends and family finding out when they watch the show, Michelle confessed: “It’s kinda hard lying to your family about your whereabouts especially since I was in an entirely different country. I felt horrible lying to them.”

Meanwhile talking about her Rockhopper outfit, the singer shared: “I must commend the costume designer and all of the amazing folk that helped get me dressed for every performance.

“I know they worked VERY hard on all of the characters. I had tonnes of fun hopping around and making noises backstage and onstage.”

The panel’s guesses on the show included Jamelia, Fergie and Nicole Scherzinger with none of the judges naming Michelle as being under the mask.

“I thought the panel’s guesses were HILARIOUS,” the hitmaker said, admitting she went out of her way to make things difficult for those trying to guess her identity.

“My first performance isn’t my favourite,” she reflected. “I was still trying to figure out how to disguise the tone of my voice since it’s so recognizable to true Destiny’s Child fans.

“At the same time being hidden boosted my confidence by about 1,000 percent.”

The Masked Singer UK 2022 airs Saturday nights on ITV.

Elsewhere in the semi-final, Traffic Cone was also unmasked leaving Panda, Mushroom and Robobunny in next weekend’s final.

More acts competing in the competition this year were Chandelier, Doughnuts, Poodle, Snow Leopard, Lionfish, Firework and Bagpipes.

You can watch the show online via the ITV Hub here.