Michelle Visage suggests RuPaul’s Drag Race UK could get a second series

Judge reveals French and Saunders turned down guest appearances due to busy schedules

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has yet to premiere its first episode – but it seems a second series could be in the works.


There’s a matter of weeks to go until the hit drag talent contest’s new British spin-off arrives on BBC Three.

Preview clips have revealed that it sticks closely to the format of the American original, with fans praising the high production values.

With all signs suggesting it will replicate Drag Race’s huge success in the States, the UK version looks set to hang around for a while.

In an interview with Gay Times, RuPaul’s right-hand woman Michelle Visage revealed his vision for Drag Race UK’s future.

Discussing production of the first run, she said: “I haven’t seen any of the episodes but I’ve heard they’re incredible.

“Ru looked at me and said, ‘This is going to be on for such a long time’.”


While the former Celebrity Big Brother finalist that Ru’s prediction does not constitute official confirmation, she does hope it will lead to a second series.

“It bloody better!” she exclaimed. “But there is no confirmation. I’d be the last to know.”

Another positive is that celebrity fans are queuing up to appear as guest judges.

Michelle revealed that she invited Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders to sit on the panel, but they were unavailable.

“I also wanted Dawn French because she’s a friend,” she continued. “She would kill to be on, but she was in Boston.

“There’s a bunch of friends that couldn’t because of their schedule, but that means… season two.

“This is the first season, it’s only going to get bigger and bigger and the guest judges will come banging on the door.”


The Drag Race brand is starting to travel the globe, with Canada, Thailand and Chile also ordering their own adaptations.

Currently, the UK is the only other country where Ru acts as host and head judge – although Michelle hopes he will eventually head Down Under.

“For me the most important place is the UK,” she said. “I’d also like Australia, I’d like to do that with Ru because we have such a huge fanbase there.”

Reality TV addicts will be seeing a lot of Michelle in the coming months.

In addition to her judging role, she is also competing on the new series of Strictly Come Dancing.


Earlier this week, bosses revealed the ten queens who will battle to be crowned the UK’s first Drag Superstar.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK premieres on BBC Three via iPlayer on Thursday 3rd October at 8.00pm.