Michelle Keegan reveals why she turned down Strictly Come Dancing

Michelle Keegan has explained why she’s said no to Strictly Come Dancing.

The actress says she’s been asked “a few times” to take part in the BBC One dance competition.

But after watching husband Mark Wright take part in the series, Michelle reveals we shouldn’t expect to see her in the ballroom any time soon.

Chatting on The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV, Michelle shares: “I have a few times [been asked to sign up fir Strictly]. But for me, it’s the live audience… it’s a skill. It takes a lot of dedication and skill.

“He [husband Mark Wright] did it like 5 years ago. It’s the music before it happens and the audience is really quiet and the lights come on. My heart was in my mouth for him.

“I couldn’t be on the dance floor, too scared, too nervous.”

Michelle appears on the chat show alongside Judi Love, who took part in this year’s latest series of Strictly.

Judi says: “Dancing live you could trip, you could forget a step, it’s so huge. It’s when they say ‘dancing to’ that’s the bit!”

She adds: “Physically it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It makes me think more about health and finding something you really enjoy. Dancing for a health area for me is something I want to embrace more.”

And on the so-called Strictly curse, Judi jokes: “I was banking on it! It’s not until you’re in it that you realise how intimate you are with your partner.”

Also joining the pair is actor Rob Brydon who says he too turned down Strictly.

He explains: “They have [asked me] and I’ve said no. It’s one thing to be able to mess around and it’s another to follow choreography. It’s so hard. It’s a bit like learning lines for a play, trying to cram them into your head.”

He laughs: “The curse, that’d be the worry for me. I think – I noticed a bit of laughter [there from the audience] – I think the curse… as Judi said, when you’re thrown together.. Seriously, I do wonder.

“For me it’s more of a surprise that people don’t get it on. You spend all week entwined with each other.”

The Jonathan Ross Show, Saturday at 10:30PM on ITV and ITV Hub.