Megan Barton Hanson slams Wes Nelson’s Dancing On Ice partner Vanessa Bauer

A Dancing On Ice row has kicked off between contestant Wes Nelson’s girlfriend Megan Barton Hanson and his pro partner Vanessa Bauer.


Love Island star Wes is one of twelve celebs competing in this year’s Dancing On Ice line up. He’s partnered with pro skater Vanessa Bauer, with the pair making their debut on the ice on Sunday’s live show.

It all began when Megan took a swipe at Vanessa after announcing she had split from her boyfriend.

Megan took aim at the skater, posting on Instagram: “Love that you decide to announce your breakup with your boyfriend on the night of your 1st performance with my boyfriend!

“You’ve never reached out to me once or invited me to watch you train, it pained you to introduce yourself to me last night you didn’t even look me in the eye LOL.”

She added: “Hope the tactical breakup got your the headlines you wanted babe.”

Vanessa didn’t respond directly to the jibe, instead sharing a post about women empowerment.


“Because whenever I’m on the ice everything is good again. I’m so grateful for [Sunday]’s voting window number,” she posted alongside a picture from the weeked’s show.

“There is nothing in the world I am more passionate about and that makes me happier than figure skating! Last nights number was an absolute dream. I can’t thank everybody enough for all the love and support #strongwoman #DancingOnIce #womenempowerment.”

Meanwhile, Wes has got himself into a row with Dancing On Ice pro Matt Evers over Megan’s “sour” face.

Matt took aim at Megan as she watched on during Sunday’s show after previously claiming the skaters’ outfits were “so not manly.”

“Her and I aren’t necessarily best of friends through things that she has said about our show previously,” Matt told the Heart breakfast radio show on Monday. “And again like I said earlier on the show here, I will defend Dancing On Ice. It is not unmanly to wear sequins and lycra, OK?

“I just want Megan to enjoy life. You know what I mean?”

He added: “She did look a little bit sour last night. Be supportive of your boyfriend. You know, he’s working his little tail off right now and he was fantastic.”

However Wes snapped back in a post on social media: “Are you really that hungry pal? Megs gone out of her way to support me cheering me on and you still beg headlines attacking her.

“Give the damn girl a break. I can assure you shes fully supportive of me and my career. She’s human and can’t smile two hours in a row.”


“Oh and give it a rest with this Dancing On Ice curse bollocks it’s laughable,” he added.

Dancing On Ice continues with its next live show on Sunday night on ITV from 6PM.