Meet The Richardsons series 2 start date as hit show returns for 2021

Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont will be back for series 2 of Meet The Richardsons in 2021.


The show stars the married comedians as they give a fictional window into their funny and frustrated marriage as they give viewers a glimpse of their life in Yorkshire.

After first premiering in 2020, a new eight-part second season is on the way to Dave.

Series 2 of Meet The Richardsons will arrive on the channel on Thursday, 8 April at 10PM.

The new series will focus on the further frustrations of married life, the clash of career and personal life and how Jon and Lucy have been coping since viewers last saw them.

From dealing with life after lockdown, which Jon predicted of course, to creating the perfect family Christmas and Lucy’s mum Gill spotting some spooky going’s on in The Dog and Bastard.

Lucy Beaumont said: “So glad to be getting paid to have an argument again, lockdown has been weird living with someone who has spent his life practising social distancing and frequent handwashing – if the government advise wearing beige cardigans and being a tedious grump I know something has been going on.”

Jon Richardson added: “It’s great news that there will be a second series of Meet The Richardsons. I can’t wait to give away the few private moments of my life that aren’t already in the public domain and welcome the crew back to ‘The D & B’ with open arms.”

Written by Lucy Beaumont and Tim Reid (Car Share), series 2 follows two Christmas specials which aired last December.


The two specials plus the first series of Meet The Richardsons are currently available to watch now on UKTV Play.

Picture: UKTV/Dave