Matt Hancock eats camel penis in I’m A Celebrity eating trial

Boy George and Matt Hancock took on the first eating trial of I’m A Celebrity 2022 tonight.


Having been voted for by the public, the pair arrived at a mexican-themed cafe in the jungle where hosts Ant and Dec talked them through what they’d be eating.

Dec explained: “This is La Cucaracha Cafe. For the first 10 stars you’ll take it in turns to eat a dish each. Each dish you complete will win you a star. For the 11th and final star you will both have to eat a dish.” Ant noted that they could pass on a dish and forfeit a star, but then couldn’t go back.

im a celebrity tx6 matt c

Matt first faced a fish eye taco while Boy George then faced eating three full spoons worth of sticky beans.

In the second round, Matt then faced blended meal worms with a witchetty grub garnish. He had to drink the entire glass and eat the witchetty grub. Boy George was then served a blended, fermented duck egg.

Up next, Matt was dished up a camel’s penis. Ant advised: “Just the tip.”


Next Boy George had to eat a whole vomit fruit.

im a celebrity boy george

Boy George said to Ant and Dec: “Who eats this? Where is it a delicacy, hell? It tastes like a dirty sock!”

For Matt, it was then a sheep’s vagina and Boy George then faced six fermented plums.

Matt was then served cow’s anus and Boy George had six cubes of fermented tofu.

For the final, Matt had to eat cockroaches and blended cockroach dip. For Boy Geroge, it was blended, fermented seaweed.

The pair both completed their dishes and earned a full house of stars; 11 out of 11.


im a celebrity tx6 matt b

Boy George admitted: “I wanted to do a food trial, it’s a lot worse than I thought.” He added: “I can feel something stirring!”

He continued: “That is not a restaurant I’d go to again. Not ever. The music was gorgeous, their lovely smiles, the place was lovely… but the food stank. It was just vile, oh my god.”


Matt said: “The campmates are going to be thrilled.”

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