Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey announce engagement

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey have announced their engagement.


The reality couple have confirmed they’re set to get married after Ryan popped the question during a romantic holiday to Los Angeles.

Revealing the news in this week’s OK Magazine, Louise said: “I’m still shell-shocked. I’ve been crying solidly for three days.

“It’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire life.”

She added “Ryan and I have known that we want to spend the rest of our lives together for quite a long time. I love him more and more every day, which sounds so clichéd, but it’s the truth.”

The pair have been dating since 2016 and Ryan has been plotting his proposal for a while as the pair travelled across the states.

“I’ve been on a secret mission for so long with this ring hidden in my backpack for weeks. Every time we were going through airport security I weed myself,” he said.


Recalling the moment he got down on one knee, Ryan explained how he took Louise for a hike before catching her off-guard in a chat about his birthday.

He explained: “I said something like: ‘I’ve had the best birthday ever, but there’s one more birthday wish that I’d like. Will you marry me?’”

Speaking previously to the Daily Mail about getting married, Louise said she was ‘open’ to the idea of tying the knot on screen.

“Now, I don’t know, maybe I’d be open to it. Although with the current cast, they’re all so young, I probably wouldn’t invite a lot of them!” she said.

Talking of the current cast, Louise has revealed she’ll soon be heading out to join them on this summer’s series in Croatia.

She revealed to the Daily Mail newspaper: “I have been coaxed out to Croatia. I’ve been getting reports back from Hvar about some of the new people.

“You’d never imagine that some of the stuff could happen but then it goes and happens. It’s why the show remains fresh I guess.”

Louise teased of her appearance: “I need to go out there and deal with my brother’s bulls**t. Just like I had to in Ibiza.


“Every time Sam strays from the nest on his own he seems to create havoc.”

Made In Chelsea currently airs Monday nights at 9PM on E4.

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