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Made In Chelsea Corsica spoilers and cast from new summer series

Made In Chelsea 2023 cast, number of episodes and how to watch online

Made In Chelsea is back for 2023 with a brand new summer special in Corsica – here’s all you need to know.


Our favourite Chelsea residents are back for the 25th series of the hit E4 reality show.

The new series will see the SW3 socialites depart Chelsea for a drama-filled trip to Corsica.

Paris & Willow
Paris & Willow

Watch Made In Chelsea on TV and online

Made in Chelsea Corsica airs nightly for five episodes from Sunday, 13 August to Thursday, 17 August at 9PM.

As always you’re be able to watch on TV and online via the All 4 player.

Meanwhile past series of Made In Chelsea all the way back to the first season are also currently available to watch online for free (in the UK) on All 4 as well.

Made In Chelsea cast

Those on the cast for the special include Yas Zweegers, Sam Prince, Miles Nazaire, Joel Mignott, Robbie Mullett and Imogen Boom.


Joining them are Reza Amiri-Garroussi, Tristan Phipps, Liv Bentley, Willow Day, Harvey Armstrong, Ruby Adler and Bella Sharpe.

Plus, the new season introduces new girl Jane Amber Aubrun-Mautin and new boy Geronimo Mörtl, Inga Valentiner.

Latest spoilers!

In the second episode of the new series (Thursday, 17 August), as the Corsica escapade draws to a close, the aftermath of the revelation about Yas and Sam’s feelings casts a lingering unease over the group. A palpable tension leads to most members avoiding the duo.

Yas finds herself in a complex situation, torn between her budding romance with Sam and her steadfast friendship with Miles. The latter is convinced that Sam is a problematic match and isn’t shy about voicing his concerns, culminating in a dramatic showdown at the villa party.

Joel and Robbie, having embraced a passionate encounter with Geronimo, experience a sense of liberation. However, Joel’s journey into polyamory appears to have reached its conclusion, driven by concerns that their threesome dynamic might strain their existing twosome. The plot thickens as Robbie discloses his openness to the new arrangement, leaving Joel to grapple with this unexpected twist and its potential implications.


Meanwhile, doubts begin to creep into Harvey’s mind regarding the future of his relationship with Willow, especially as it transitions to the London setting. As the group navigates the complexities of their emotions and connections, the specter of Yas and Sam’s romance, Joel and Robbie’s shifting dynamic, and Harvey’s wavering commitment to Willow loom large.

Made In Chelsea airs on E4 on Monday nights.

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