Love Island’s Sam Bird meets Georgia Steel’s mum on Aftersun

Sam Bird meets Georgia Steel’s mum on Love Island’s Aftersun spin-off this weekend.


Georgia and Sam LEFT the villa in a surprise exit last Thursday night.

The pair refused to recouple after being forced to split up in a twist earlier in the week.

After being voted into the bottom three couples by the public in a vote last weekend, Georgia and Sam faced a tough decision in last Monday night’s show.

Host Caroline Flack revealed that they would have to leave the villa – or split up in order to stay.

Georgia Sam Aftersun

While the pair initially decided to split and stay, they found being apart too much and refused to recouple with other people. As a result, they lost their place in the villa and left together.


The couple will appear on Love Island’s Aftersun spin-off this Sunday night to explain all.

And they’ll be seeing heading to Georgia’s hometown where Sam meets her mum Sharon for the first time.

Love Island: Aftersun airs on Sunday 22nd July at 10pm on ITV2.

Speaking after her exit, Georgia said: “I think leaving the villa is obviously a really sad time. I had a little family in there that grew for two months. However, I do feel like it was the right time for me to leave.

“If I’d stayed and recoupled with a new boy, I would have started to be disloyal and I wouldn’t have been genuine, and would have been going against everything that I am.

“I would have been staying in there for all the wrong reasons hence why Sam and I left together.

“I went into Love Island to have a bit of fun and meet someone. I’ve done both of those things and I’ve left with my head held high.”


She said of Sam: “I think I honestly realised he was the one for me after the Beach Club twist. If I felt the way I did now when we were at the Beach Club, we would have left together then.

“However, the fact that we went through that experience helped our relationship grow together and made us realise that we were meant to be because no matter who went into the villa after that, my head definitely wouldn’t have been turned.”

Sam agreed: “I think me and Georgia have one of the strongest relationships.

“We’ve had ups and downs and made the decision to split up which made us realise how strong our feelings are for each other and made us realise how we are meant to be together.

Sam and Georgia
Sam and Georgia

“The fact we’ve left together is a strong, positive start to the relationship.”

He added: “I feel like I’ve been completely true to myself and my feelings. I feel like me getting into a new couple when I didn’t want to would be an ungenuine thing to do and would have been unfair on the person I was coupling up with.


“I found my girl and it was the right time to leave and put it out to her that I wasn’t happy. I’ve left with my head held high and a smile on my face. It wasn’t a sad moment.”

Love Island continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.