Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson discusses her surgery

Love Island 2018’s Megan Barton Hanson has spoken about her surgery after leaving the villa.


It was Jack and Dani who won love Island 2018 last week in the final of this year’s series.

Rivals Laura & Paul were runners up, Josh & Kaz finished in third and Wes & Megan ended the series in 4th place.

Following the show, Megan and Wes have given their first joint interview with OK! Magazine.

In the feature, out now, Megan discusses her ‘transformation’ after claims she spent ‘£25,000’ on plastic surgery.

Megan says she doesn’t consider the work ‘excessive’, explaining to the magazine: “I’ve had two boob jobs, a nose job, veneers and lip fillers. I had my first boob job when I was 19 but I rushed into it, so I had them redone a few years later to make them look more natural.

“I don’t think the amount I’ve had done is excessive and I didn’t do it because I was deeply insecure. The only thing I really didn’t like about myself before the surgery was my nose.”


She added: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enhancing your looks; it’s no different to getting a spray tan or your hair done.”

Meanwhile, discussing having sex on TV with Wes, Megan told the publication: “It felt like we were having sex more than the other couples but I think that’s because we were so open about it. People said they forgot the cameras were there but we never did, especially when we were having sex, but we couldn’t help ourselves.”

Elsewhere, Megan has hit back over claims about her past.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, she posted a picture with the phrase: “It took me quit a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent”

Hitting back at tabloid headlines, Megan wrote: “Today I really feel that I need to address some of the stories out there about me on behalf of women in general. I support all women, regardless of the choices they make about what they do with their bodies. My dad always told me unless you’ve walked in someone’s shoes then don’t judge them.

“It’s 2018 and it’s time we stopped allowing the vilification of women in the media. Thank you to all of the amazing women that have and continue to follow my journey. Your messages of support mean so much to me. I won’t allow stories like these to stop me from be a free thinking, confident, independent young woman striving to make a better life for myself and my family.”


She added: “I’m off to the final Love Island Aftersun. Can’t wait to reunite with all the gang. Love to you all and have a great Sunday. Meg ❤❤ #womenempowerment #girlpower”

Love Island airs on ITV2.

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