Love Island’s Jess and Dom got ‘married’ live on TV and it was tragic

Love Island couple Dominic Lever and Jessica Shears have got ‘married’ live on TV.


Jess and Dom (unofficially) tied the knot on Good Morning Britain today, in what viewers have described as one of telly’s cringiest moments ever.

They were dressed in swimwear as they said their vows to one another on Valentine’s Day.

“Congratulations Jess and Dom! ❤️ We’re delighted to host the ceremony for the FIRST EVER @LoveIsland wedding… Yes, this is really happening LIVE on air! ? #gmb” ITV tweeted after the show.

Those watching couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing.

“Jess and Dom are the definition of tragic,” one quipped.

Another joked: “Can’t work out if it’s the stack of pancakes I binged on yesterday or Jess and Dom getting married live on TV but I just did a sick in my mouth.”

And a third concluded: “Jess and Dom getting married on GMB today is THE most tragic thing I have ever seen. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️”

Meanwhile, Love Island series 2 star Alex Bowen – engaged to Olivia Buckland – told The Sun: “It was quite classy for them; we thought they’d do it on Jeremy Kyle, but best of luck to the happy couple.”

Jess and Dom announced the news back in September last year they were planning to be married.


Many have criticised the move and accused the couple of being in a ‘showmance’ for magazine and sponsorship deals.

But Dom insisted the feelings between them are real and he knew he would propose shortly after the show.

“It was a couple of weeks after I got out,” Dom recalled. “Everyone said, ‘Wait ’til you’re out and see how it is’, but when I got out I spent every single minute of everyday with her and I was just like, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with her’.

“I don’t regret it at all. We spend so much time together.”

Jess agreed: “It’s sickening; usually the honeymoon period is over very quickly but we do everything together. I can’t go to Asda without him!”

The couple got together on Love Island last June before they were eliminated half way through the series at separate times.


Meanwhile, it’s not just a wedding that Jess and Dom are planning for.

Jess told OK! Magazine in November: “We’re desperate for kids. I don’t think we’ll wait too long after we get married to star trying.”