Love Island’s Faye and Teddy try to talk things out after THAT bust up

Faye Winter and Teddy Soares attempt to talk things out in tonight’s Love Island.


The pair were involved in a very tense bust up last week after a Movie Night challenge left Faye raging when a clip of Teddy in Casa Amor was played into the villa.

The argument saw Faye declare she was “done” with Teddy – but is there a way back for the pair?

In tonight’s episode, Faye and Teddy discuss their situation on the terrace.

love island faye
Faye arguing with Teddy

Faye says: “I don’t trust people until they prove to me I can trust them. I’ve said that from day one and so far there’s a lot of reasons not to trust you. But you’re telling me to still trust you.”

Teddy replies: “So what am I supposed to do? Just let you go? In your eyes, I’ve made a mistake, I get it. But to just be like ‘I’m done’, is what I’m struggling with. I can’t swallow the pill, it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Faye tells him: “I’d rather be done, than hurt.”


Teddy asks: “So you think I’m genuinely going to hurt you?”

Faye responds: “Teddy, you already have.”

Teddy then asks: “What do you want?”

Is this the end of the couple for good?

Elsewhere this evening, there’s more chats going on around the Villa as Kaz pulls Tyler for one as well.

After their ‘love square’ drama, Kaz tells Tyler: “I just want to let you know the door is open.”

Tyler and Kaz chat.
Tyler and Kaz chat.

Tyler asks: “Open? What fully?”

Kaz says: “It’s fully open… I know what I want… anyway, so door’s fully open. However, if I ever need to even just shut that door a little bit, you’re finished. Like, you’re screwed. I’m going to give you 100%.”


Tyler replies: “And I’ll give you 100%. That doesn’t change. It hasn’t changed at all.”

Love Island continues Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.