Love Island’s Alexandra in tears over Alex after a night in the hideaway

Alexandra Cane and Alex George head into the hideaway on Love Island 2018 this evening.


However there are tears the next day following the lie detector test.

In tonight’s show at 9PM on ITV2, Alex and Alexandra are chosen by the Islanders when a text arrives offering one lucky couple a night of privay.

The message reads “Islanders, the Hideaway is open tonight. It’s down to you to choose one lucky couple to have a sleepover. #hideandsleep #donotdisturb”

Alexandra is clearly excited about spending some alone time with Alex: “First night in the Hideaway. I’m so excited. I hope Alex is too. I need to go find something cute to wear.”

As she slips into some lingerie in the bathroom, Dani is in awe when she spots what Alexandra is wearing: “That is what you call sexy. I’m sorry, but she looked ridiculous. I’m overwhelmed, I wouldn’t know what to do with her. I feel sorry for Alex, I do.”

When they finally get into the Hideaway, Alex has a surprise of his own for Alexandra, revealing himself to be dressed in a purple bow tie and waistcoat, jokingly remarking: “I’m not actually a doctor, I’m actually a stripper. I wasn’t joking was I?”


The following morning, Alex reflects on the evening with Alexandra: “I definitely had a smile on my face this morning and I feel amazing today. I think it’s fair to say yesterday was my best day in the villa, best date in the villa and best night in the villa. So I feel really happy today.”

As the Islanders speculate on how the evening has fared for the happy couple, Jack proposes that they pay Alex and Alexandra a visit.

Alex laughs: “I’m relaxed, enjoying the peace and serenity in the hideaway. Bang on the door and the whole crew comes running in which, do you know what, I absolutely loved it. It’s like having your kids running in in the morning isn’t it? It’s nice to see that they’re missing me.”

However, things take a turn for the couple when Alex faces the lie detector test later the next day.

Having overcome her insecurities over the last few days, it looks as though Alexandra may be heading back to square one as she watches on while Alex answers her questions.


It’s not long before the tears are flowing as she confesses: “I think you just always want the person you like to like you back in the same way. I just know that I really like Alex.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.